Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wait. That Happened?

So the other night Adam and I ran into the lead singer of a band called Mumford & Sons. They're from london and are pretty darn well known outside of the US although they did play at Bonnaroo. Basically we hung out with him for a bit(Marcus, was his name)and he introduced us to the rest of the band along with their tour manager and some other roadies. To make a long story short, we got kicked out of the club we were in because we started an ice fight with them and we then decided to go skinny dipping off of a balcony where people were relaxing, having a glass of wine. This was around 2am. Shortly after getting yelled at, we decided to go again, just further down the lake road. To make things even better, their show was tonight, and i didnt have a ticket, but Joel, one of the roadies, managed to snag me a backstage pass so i went and saw the show with Adam, then went for another swim with the lads! Obviously i didnt post pictures of the first night, nor of much of the events for that matter, but theres one of Adam with Ted, the bassist. and check out the link below, listen to their stuff, it's damn good.

And this is just a random photo of our second boat rafting trip. yeehaw.

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