Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Very Uncooperative Matterhorn.

This beautiful peak wasnt too happy when i pulled out my camera. I shouldve have taken the shot earlier. Once I got out the Nikon it just grabbed all the clouds in the surrounding area, as if covering itself like a kid that's just been pantsed.Regardless it was beautiful. I went to bed at 5am only to wake up an hour later and head off to Zermatt with the usual crew of Pablo(dad), Crystina and Bob.The old men went for a bit of a bike ride, so me and the sis went up to the highest point called the Klein Matterhorn. Actually the tallest lift in europe, going up to 3800 meters or so. We then endured a very freezing ice cave(naturally) and checked out some rather dissapointing ice sculptures. Normally they are pretty awesome but I suppose during the summer they are lacking in frozen resources.

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