Friday, June 25, 2010

In The Ocean

I cant even fathom how I might be able to cram everything that happened over the past 24 hours or so, into one post.The flight over the Atlantic was somewhat magical.The moon was almost full, and beamed intensely on the side of the wing as i stared outside for most of the trip. i didn't sleep in the 7 hours and 16 minutes that it took to get here. We landed at 8am, local time. i took the train to meet Adam and Ed, two of my best friends in the world, in Vevey. I dont know whether i was just exhausted, or maybe even just excited, but i missed my stop, and ended up in Montreux. Regardless, they still picked me up. We went to Adam's house and had an early lunch out on his balcony, soaking in the weather. It's perfect out here. Maybe eighty degrees fareighnheit, with a constant cool breeze everywhere you go and a brilliant sun follows you everywhere. This is like openeing up and old photoalbum, filled with pictures of an event that happened last week. It's so seemingly distant, and yet nothing has changed, nothing feels any different; like i never left.Its kind of crazy how that all works.
The 'Passportes Du Soleil' race is tomorrow, and i almost didnt have a bike for it. Somehow my dad stumbled upon a Scott Nitro at the last minute, down in Vevey, sweet.
This post is a little conjumbled and i've had to write it between two days since i've been busy. posts will probably be shorter from now on.
and this is the view of a lifetime. I'll never forget this place.

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